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Biyos is an easy management, income and expense tracking app developed for property managers and residents.

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Apartman yönetim programı
Kolay Finansal Yönetim

Easy Financial Management

You can easily perform all your financial transactions, share your expenses, create business projects, and generate receipts.

gider paylaşımı

Expense Sharing

Share your expenses according to meter values or any parameter you want and transfer them as debt to the apartments.

Kredi Kartı ile Aidat Tahsilatı

Credit Card Payment

You can collect dues and other debts of your flat residents by credit card. Also, pay your dues in installments to all credit cards.

Sayaç Yönetimi

Meter Management

Manage your meters, easily share your expenses according to the values read from the meters.

anlaşılır raporlar

Useful Reports

Easily interpret the status of properties with useful reports prepared with a transparent management approach.

ücretsiz dene

Participatory Management

Biyos offers screens for your flat residents to access financial transactions and participate in management.

Easy, Safe, Practical Property Management!

Our basic principle is to enable building managaers who do not know complex accounting codes to easily manage and accounting transactions.


Biyos is both easy and comprehensive. You do not need to memorize accounting codes to make transactions.


From the simplest to the most complex sharing and calculation processes, easily do all the operations in a few steps..


All data transfers in desktop and mobile environments are end-to-end encrypted and your data runs on secure cloud servers.


Biyos starter plan is now and always free. If you need more, there are more in our standard and premium plans.

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Special Screens for Residents

Make your collections from your pocket with our IOS and Android applications, and produce your receipts from your pocket. Respond to incoming requests.

Mobil apartman yöneteim programı

Credit Card Payment

Your flat residents can pay dues by credit card through our mobile application and web application.

Debt Tracking

They can follow their own debts and the debts of their tenants, if any.

Support Service

They can send requests about site you directly via our Biyos support servise


Ask your residents what you will do for your building with a poll and get quick feedback from your apartments.

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