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What is Heat Expense Sharing System?

It is the system that shares the heating, cooling and hot water expenses fairly in the central system. The heat expense sharing system is an easy, safe, guaranteed system that you can control from anywhere at any time.

How is Heat Expense Sharing Done?

Heat expense shares According to the heat regulation numbered 26847 published in the Official Gazette dated 14 April 2008, expenditure shares in buildings where central systems are used are shared according to the formulas and principles in the relevant regulation.

How Does Heat Expense Sharing Work?

We read your meters remotely without human touch, automatically transfer them to your Biyos account, and share them if you wish. In this way, your flat residents can view the meter index values not only when the invoice is received, but whenever they want.

How does it work?

Heat meters installed in your apartments are read with the help of GSM modem and notified to the server computer.
Consumption values are invoiced by sharing according to the apartments.

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With Biyos meter reading and sharing service, it shares your expenses completely in accordance with the law and automatically debit the apartments in your Biyos account. Apply now for information and free discovery

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